20 January 2011

Pop goes the hard drive

Yikes! The 1TB hard drive containing ALL my photos failed this week, and in a rather catastrophic way. After half an hour of sheer panic, I reminded myself that I do have a backup: an external disk that I write everything to using "Vice Versa" by www.tgrmn.com. (They do have a free version if you search around the net for it. )

The only problem is that I don't back up everything as religiously as I should and I almost lost the photos from a trip to Ghent last month. By sheer good fortune, I'd copied the photos onto my laptop, so all was not lost.

This was certainly a wake-up call for me to back up everything on a regular basis. I'm also considering how to add some sort of disk checkup into my workflow, so that corrupted files don't go unnoticed.

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