22 June 2010

Event photography in India

Here I am in Bangalore, India, to photograph an 80th birthday party. The birthday boy in question is my father-in-law, so the least I could do was to offer to take the photos!

The event was held in a hotel after dark. With limited available light, I found that the best results were achieved by pointing the flash gun at the ceiling, with some fill-in flash directly lighting the subject. I also used a slowish shutter speed to let some ambient light lift the background.

Before the event kicked off I managed to blag my way into the kitchen to get some memorable photos of the chefs. I'd hoped to take them candidly, but as soon as I entered, they stood in a row like soldiers to have their photo taken. Not quite what I had planned but the result was even better.

Below are just a few of the shots from the day.

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