09 May 2010

Volcanic ash cloud clears in the nick of time

The volcanic eruption on Iceland very nearly put a dampener on our travel plans. It was spewing out ash even as we nervously packed our bags to fly to San Francisco. Thank goodness, the airports re-opened just one day before we were due to take off, and we didn't even suffer a delay. We had an epic trip to California, taking in SF, Yosemite National Park, and down to the Big Sur coast. Lots of photos to edit!
I'm still suffering the jet lag, but glad that we didn't get stuck out there now that the volcano has kicked off again. I just hope the continuing eruption doesn't screw up the next trips I have planned: supposed to be heading to the South of France in a few weeks and then to India next month. I'll be watching that ash cloud forecast very closely indeed.

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